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Desert Tables for the Cake Haters
Welcome to our enchanting world of bespoke dessert tables, where sweet dreams come to life and create a symphony of flavors for your wedding day. Our dedicated team meticulously crafts dessert tables that are not just displays but unforgettable experiences, tailored to tell your unique love story through the art of confectionery. Picture a visual feast of delectable treats, from elegant cupcakes adorned with delicate frosting to artisanal cookies, decadent cakes, and an array of handcrafted sweets that evoke the essence of romance and celebration.

Immerse your guests in a world of indulgence with our thoughtfully curated dessert tables, designed to harmonize with your wedding theme and color palette. Whether you envision a rustic-chic spread or a glamorous arrangement of luxurious treats, we bring your vision to life with precision and artistry. Our commitment to quality ensures that every bite is a moment of pure bliss, creating not just a dessert table but a delicious narrative that adds an unforgettable chapter to your wedding day. Elevate your celebration with the sweet elegance of our custom dessert tables, where every detail is a testament to our passion for crafting delightful experiences that linger in the hearts and palates of your guests.
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Desert Table Packages

Choose the perfect indulgence for your special day with our tailored dessert table packages – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Bronze package introduces an array of classic treats, featuring elegantly decorated cupcakes, delightful cookies, and a signature cake that exudes timeless charm. Elevate your experience with the Silver package, which adds a touch of sophistication with an extended selection of artisanal sweets, macarons, and customized desserts that match your wedding theme. For the ultimate grandeur, our Gold package is a symphony of opulence, offering an extensive assortment of exquisite pastries, tiered cakes, and premium confections, all meticulously designed to create a luxurious and memorable sweet tableau. Each package is crafted with precision and artistry, promising to transform your dessert table into a culinary masterpiece that reflects the essence of your celebration.
Bronze Desert Options
Indulge in our Bronze Package, a delightful introduction to sweet sophistication for your wedding dessert table. This package features classic treats such as elegantly adorned cupcakes, delightful cookies, and a signature cake, all expertly crafted to add timeless charm to your celebration. Elevate your special day with a touch of sweetness that captivates the palate and leaves a lasting impression.
Welsh Cakes
Marshmellow Pops
Rice Crispy Treats
Silver Desert Options
Step into elevated indulgence with our Silver Package, offering a refined selection of artisanal sweets and macarons that add a touch of sophistication to your wedding dessert table. In addition to classic treats, this package introduces customized desserts tailored to match your wedding theme, ensuring a delightful and visually stunning sweet display. Elevate your celebration with the Silver Package, where premium confections transform your dessert experience into a memorable centerpiece of elegance.
All Bronze Options
Creme Puffs
Fruit Cup
Mini Tarts
Chocolate Covered Fruite
Gold Desert Options
Embark on the epitome of indulgence with our Gold Package, a lavish ensemble of exquisite pastries, tiered cakes, and premium confections designed to create a luxurious and unforgettable wedding dessert table. Elevate your celebration with this opulent selection, where each decadent bite tells a tale of grandeur and sophistication. Immerse your guests in a symphony of flavors, turning your dessert display into a culinary masterpiece that reflects the magnificence of your special day
All Bronze Options
All Silver Options
Deluxe Cupcakes
Irish Cream Moose
Cheese Cake
Guinness Brownies
Caramel Apples
Creme Brulle
Boozy Cake Pops
Not seeing the cake flavor your looking for? If you have a flavor not listed, we would love to make you the cake
you are longing for.

The Cake You Deserve

Have you found the perfect wedding cake? When you've selected the the perfect desert table  for all those "cake haters" to enjoy. Get started choosing the pefect wedding cake to fit your perfect day.

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